Crying Jordan meme actually making Michael Jordan cry?


Michael Jordan  isn’t too fond of the popular Crying Jordan meme according to a former teammate.

The crying Michael Jordan meme is everywhere these days. Twitter, Facebook, the internet in general. You can’t miss it.

You know the one — the shot of a tearful Jordan from his 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame induction speech, edited onto … well, just about anything and everything.

It’s a popular meme that clearly has some real lasting power, but count the meme source himself among those who have seen enough of it.

Jordan’s former teammate Charles Oakley first offered his own opinion in a brief interview with TMZ.

“It is what it is,” Oakley told TMZ. “One of the greatest players of … all-time, so hey, people like seeing that. They keep doing it.”

Oakley was then hit with the obvious follow-up question: Does Jordan like the meme?

“No, he don’t like it,” Oakley told TMZ. “Nah.”

In February, a Jordan representative told Complex Sports that Jordan thought the meme “was funny” and that everyone “was having fun with it.” It appears that might not be totally true, at least according to Oakley.

Oakley also didn’t shy away from taking a shot at TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley, his former rival in the NBA. When asked about Barkley, Oakley said he hasn’t seen him in person recently, but with a smile added that he “had to zoom in” to see him on TV.

“The guy was a great guy when he played ball,” Oakley told TMZ. “That’s all the good I can say about him.”

For the latest NBA news and rumors, check out our NBA hub page.
For the latest NBA news and rumors, check out our NBA hub page.