Stephen Curry hoists MVP, gets left hanging by Adam Silver (Video)


Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry hoisted his second MVP in front of his fans and was left hanging by commissioner Adam Silver.

After officially being named the 2015-2016 NBA MVP on Tuesday, Stephen Curry was presented with his trophy by NBA commissioner Adam Silver again on Wednesday night, before the Golden State Warriors took on the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 5 of the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

As Silver was rattling off all the great things Curry did this year, he then proceeded to give the trophy to Curry, who was awaiting a handshake from Silver, but was left hanging.

Silver was so eager to give the best player in the league his MVP trophy, apparently. Despite the fact that he was left hanging, Curry would then hoist his brand new hardware high and proud for everyone in attendance at Oracle Arena to see.

Even better, it was an MVP-worthy pose from the MVP of the league. As for Silver, he might be the coolest commissioner in sports, but he can’t leave the MVP hanging.

Luckily for Curry, there will be plenty of others to give him high-fives as he continues to make ridiculous shots in the playoffs.

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