Will Tim Duncan retire following Spurs series loss to Thunder? (Video)


Will Tim Duncan be hanging it all up following the Spurs’ series loss to the Thunder on Thursday night

Thursday night we were treated to Game 6 of the Western Conference NBA Playoffs series between the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder. Of course, as it was evident throughout the game that the Spurs weren’t coming away with this one, the chatter about Tim Duncan retiring came up time and time again.

With this talk being prevalent the better part of the last few weeks, of course someone was going to have to ask the veteran following the game. He did address it, but just saying that he’ll need to take some time after this to evaluate that.

While it was barely talked about all season long, once the playoffs started everyone wanted to break down whether or not this would be the last stand for the greatest power forward of all time. It was almost as if someone was expecting a dramatic announcement following the game this evening or something along those lines.

But no, Duncan has obviously not made the decision on his future yet, and he’s most certainly earned the right to take all the time that he needs.

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