Josh McRoberts hits Bismack Biyombo with the flagrant foul (Video)


Miami Heat forward Josh McRoberts lost his cool and hit Toronto Raptors center Bismack Biyombo with a hard flagrant foul.

Anytime there is a seven game series in any sport, there is going to be emotions running high. With a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals on the line on Sunday in Game 7, the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat were getting chippy with each other on the court.

Raptors center Bismack Biyombo was having a big day on the court for the Raptors yet again in the absence of Jonas Valanciunas. He also was going at it with Heat forward Josh McRoberts all day.

Finally, McRoberts had enough of Biyombo’s big dunks, blocks and celebrating and decided to really foul Biyombo hard late in the game.

As Biyombo went for a dunk, McRoberts slashed at him with his arm and was called for a flagrant foul on the play.

The two players would then have to be separated from each other on the court as emotions boiled over. The Heat had cut the Raptors’ lead in the third, but Toronto quickly jumped back out in the lead in the fourth again.

With both teams tired of fighting each other, things got a little out of hand on the court.

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