Re-draft 2003 NBA Draft

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DALLAS – JANUARY 30: Forward Josh Howard
DALLAS – JANUARY 30: Forward Josh Howard /

SF. Wake Forest. Josh Howard. 10. player. 142.

When a team has talented young players on the roster to build around, it’s important they hit on their high draft picks when they get them to complete the rebuild. Although the Washington Wizards would have some memorable playoff runs in the mid-2000’s, they had two picks that didn’t pan out as well as they should have.

With a roster that boasted Gilbert Arenas, the Wizards took Kwame Brown with the No. 1 pick a couple of years earlier and missed badly with their opportunity to draft a player that could change the outlook of their franchise.

With a deep draft in 2003, the Wizards held the No. 10 pick and had a chance to strike gold yet again. They ended up taking Jarvis Landry with their pick. While Landry wasn’t necessarily a bad player and a role player, there were better options available for players that could play guard and forward.

One of those players that could have been had was Josh Howard. He became an All-Star with the Dallas Mavericks and was a key player that changed games with his defense and he could also score the ball well.

Adding that around Gilbert Arenas and others could have possibly given the Wizards some longer sustained playoff runs.

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