Re-draft 2003 NBA Draft

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PHILADELPHIA – APRIL 26: Willie Green /

Willie Green. 19. player. 118. . SG. Detroit

Like many other teams stuck in the middle of the standings in the NBA, the Utah Jazz were a team that was looking to add young pieces and change the dynamics of their roster, as they were coming off the era of John Stockton and Karl Malone.

The 2003-2004 Utah Jazz were a team that showed signs of promise and weren’t far away from becoming a playoff team again, as they continued to turn over the roster and rebuild.

They drafted Sasha Pavlovic with their first pick that year, but Pavlovic really never took off in Utah. With a need for some more athleticism on the wings, a better pick would have been shooting guard Willie Green.

Green provided athleticism and bit of a scoring touch and has lasted well over a decade in the NBA. Even more impressive is the fact that he did it as a second-round pick in this league. Once again, it’s yet another reminder of just how deep the draft class was in 2003.

Had the Jazz taken Green, they might have been a little more explosive and there teams down the line might have gone a little deeper in the playoffs. Even though Pavlovic didn’t work out, they did a good job of quickly rebuilding the roster in Utah.

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