Raptors coach says Kyle Lowry didn’t quit on team


Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey defends Kyle Lowry after he left the team in the first half to decompress.

Kyle Lowry is struggling in the Eastern Conference Finals series against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and he took a personal timeout late in the first half of the Raptors Game 2 loss.

Lowry went to the locker room to “decompress” and to use the bathroom but he faced a great deal of criticism for what appeared to be him walking out on his team. Lowry is struggling to hit a shot so it looked like he was pouty and wanted to get away and take a mental timeout.

The All-Star guard thinks the situation was overblown because he reiterated he just had to use the facilities.

“It’s whatever. I think it’s an overreaction, personally. I’ve done it countless times,” Lowry reiterated. “Maybe I went to go to the bathroom. I’ve done it before, going to the bathroom. It’s just the magnitude of the situation, which makes it a lot bigger than what it really it is.

“So next time I’ll clarify, ‘Hey, I’m going to the bathroom,’ or ‘Hey, I’m doing this.’ I’ll make sure I’m clear on it so everyone knows.”

Lowry may be catching flak from fans and media alike, but he’s not catching it from his teammates or his coach. Raptors coach Duane Casey defended Lowry against comments he quit on his team and just thinks he is a frequent bathroom visitor.

“Kyle did not walk out on his team,” Casey said. “He and Cory Joseph use the bathroom more than any two human beings I know during the game. … I don’t think he quit on his team.”

Lowry is averaging nine points, four assists and 4.5 turnovers in the first two games against the Cavs as the Raptors have dropped the two games by a combined 50 points.

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