5 best potential NFL coaching jobs for Jimbo Fisher

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Here are the five best NFL coaching jobs for Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher should he one day decide to head to the pros.

In just over three months, the 2016 college football season will kick off with a handful of teams gunning for the national championship. One of those teams is the Florida State Seminoles, who have one of the toughest schedules in 2016 but are projected by many experts to be one of the teams in the College Football Playoff.

If FSU is able to win another title, it would be their second in four years under head coach Jimbo Fisher. Since taking over the program before the 2010 season, Fisher has turned the Seminoles back into one of the nation’s elite teams.

Fisher’s success has caught the eyes of other schools (rumors swirled last year about LSU trying to hire him) and even the NFL. Fisher recently told the Palm Beach Post that teams had contacted him over the past two offseasons regarding openings, but that he had no desire to leave FSU unless it was a perfect job, saying:

"“It’s got to be the right organization at the right time and the right situation if you’re ever interested. We have a great situation where I’m at. It’s not something that drives me.”"

Fisher went on to say it would have to be “great owner, great GM… and a quarterback” for him to consider a jump. So, what teams would fit Jimbo Fisher’s criteria? Here’s a look at five NFL coaching jobs Fisher might consider if they become available.

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