Justin Bieber and Neymar play keep-up in backyard (Video)


Neymar decided to have some fun with Justin Bieber while prepping for the Olympics.

With the Barcelona season over, Neymar had a difficult choice to make between playing for Brazil in the Copa America Centenario or for the Olympics in his home country. He wanted to play in both tournaments, but Barcelona didn’t want to lose him for a long time and risk his match fitness for the start of next season by having him compete in two high-stakes tournaments.

That’s why Barcelona decided to honor Neymar’s wishes by striking a deal with the Brazilian Football Federation and have him compete in just the Olympics. Countries don’t tend to take the Olympics as seriously as regular football tournaments, but playing in the Olympics in front of his home fans is still a special occasion.

However, that doesn’t mean Neymar can’t come to the States to cheer on his team as they try to win the Copa America without him. And while he was in the States, he decided to pay his friend Justin Bieber a visit, where they even played pick-up in his backyard:

Unsurprisingly, Neymar’s dribbling was far better than Bieber’s, as he could only keep up the ball twice before having to pass it off to the Brazilian. But before Bieber became the star that he is today, he used to play soccer when he went to school in Stratford, so the talent is there (photo courtesy of The Record).

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(third one from the right)

However, despite his past pedigree, it’s not easy to keep up with one of the best soccer players in the world. Neymar will look to display his talent once again as he tries to inspire his country to Olympic gold.

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