Jameson Taillon’s curveball destroys Yoenis Cespedes (Video)

Credit: MLB (Vine)
Credit: MLB (Vine) /

You’d never guess from Jameson Taillon’s curveball that beasted Yoenis Cespedes that he was making his first career start

On Wednesday night, 24-year-old Canadian pitcher Jameson Taillon made his first career Major League start for the Pittsburgh Pirates as he took the hill against the New York Mets. He was drafted when he was 18 years old and took the long way to the majors, but no one was ever doubting his talent as he took the bump.

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Judging by how he started things off, people weren’t doubting the talent of Jameson Taillon for good reason.

His first time through the order against the Mets and facing one of their biggest sluggers in Yoenis Cespedes, Taillon uncorked one of the nastiest curveballs you’re ever going to see that the bottom completely dropped out of and that sent Cespedes flailing as he wondered what the hell just happened:

Absolute filth, that is.

Even if Cespedes got a hit late on the at-bat, you can’t deny just how nasty of a pitch that is. That’s the type of breaking ball that makes guys legendary if they can mix it in with high heat—which Taillon most definitely can.

Taillon is a great story right now, but what would make the story even better moving forward would be if he were to go on to become one of the more dominant arms in baseball. If this pitch is any indication, he’s well on his way.

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