2016 Mock Draft: Simmons, Ingram, Bender still on top

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Mar 13, 2016; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Saint Joseph
Mar 13, 2016; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Saint Joseph /

Saint Joseph's. DeAndre' Bembry . 25. player. 77. DeAndre Bembry had a great career at Saint Joseph’s University, but has really burst onto the scene following the 2015-16 season, where he showed extreme versatility toward the end of their season. Bembry is 6-6 but possesses a 6-9.25 wingspan which he uses to his fill benefit guarding positions 1-3 very well. <p>That versatility could go over very well with Clippers head coach and general manager Doc Rivers. Rivers has stated that he doesn’t expect to find a game-changer at No. 25, but Bembry could fit right in with his veteran-laden squad in Los Angeles. Bembry is a do-it-all type of guy who regularly was the primary ball handler for Saint Joe’s boasting an assist rate of 24.1 while also having a low turnover rate of 11.2.</p> <p>At 6-6 he has the lateral quickness to defend guards off the pick-and-roll, wing players on the perimeter and even small forwards down in the post. That versatility will bode well for him in The Association as his calling card. Unfortunately Bembry isn’t a great outside shooter knocking down just 31.2 percent of his 3-point shots during his three years in the NCAA ranks. Rivers could very well find the hidden gem he doesn’t think is there.</p> <p><em>To read more about DeAndre Bembry, <a href=. SF

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