NBA Rumors: Bulls, Hawks a fit for DeMar DeRozan?

TORONTO, ON - MAY 05: DeMar DeRozan
TORONTO, ON - MAY 05: DeMar DeRozan /

Could the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks be fits for DeMar DeRozan this summer?

With the NBA Finals at its halfway point, the 28 fan bases who don’t actively have a rooting cause in the series are looking ahead to an exciting month of action ahead. After the NBA Draft at the end of the month, we’re going to be thrust right into free agency and there are already a handful of names that are attracting attention.

One of those names is Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan.

Both Howard Beck and Ric Bucher were asked where they felt the Raptors star would land if he left Toronto, and the answers were interesting.

Beck’s pick of the Atlanta Hawks synching up with DeRozan was based less on fit and more on the fact that they’re the team closet to winning now that would probably covet DeRozan’s skills. The Knicks have cap room to sign him but it’s hard to see any player going to New York until the team shows that it can actually win and is serious about such a thing.

As far as Bucher’s pick of the Bulls, that’s a little harder to see. While there are questions about the future of Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose, the Bulls would basically be adding DeRozan with the idea of having to build around him if all else fails.

Knowing the Bulls, all will fail and DeRozan will suddenly be the franchise guy. In the line of thinking, though, there might be better options in free agency this year and next to try and find an instant-fix franchise guy to make the face.

Either way, it’s hard to see DeRozan leaving the Raptors this summer. It’s nice to ponder where he’d end up but his best fit and best option for success is in Toronto.

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