WWDC 2016: New Apple Music iOS 10 layout revealed (Photo)


Apple revealed their new Apple Music layout at WWDC this week.

WWDC is this week, and while Apple isn’t rolling out any new products until the fall, we are seeing new software and features revealed.

Part of that was seeing a revamped Apple Music layout that will be apart of the iOS 10 rollout later this year. While there isn’t anything all that wrong with Apple Music presently, seeing things changed up a little shows that Apple is fully invested in making it the go-to music streaming service.

The changes aren’t minor either, as the design is a scaled down minimalist look that simplifies everything and actually makes the user experience a little bit better than what it is now.

As part of the keynote, the new layout for Apple Music was revealed.

It’s not earth shattering but it looks pretty damn good. It’s simple, it’s stylish and it again shows that Apple wants you to want Apple Music for both practical and stylistic reasons. Apple always needed to make their music streaming service more upfront and that appears to be the case now.

The new layout will be available on the iOS 10 rollout which is expected to come in the very  near future.