Baylor needs to get a clue, move on from Art Briles


Baylor University is a complete disgrace, and it doesn’t seem to care.

At some point, doing the right thing is not only the correct decision, but the obvious one. For Baylor University and the large donors of the football program, it seems impossible to come to this revelation.

According to USA Today, a percentage of Baylor donors want to see former head football coach Art Briles back on campus, coaching the team again after missing the upcoming season. Briles, who was hired in 2008 and coached eight seasons in Waco, was ousted in May following an avalanche of sexual assault allegations against his players.

While Briles was fired and hands began wringing across Baylor in both corners of opinion, most of his assistant coaches were retained and many already talk of his return. It’s both cowardice and disgrace for the university, which simply wants to win football games more than it wants to protect the young women attending the school, let alone in the surrounding area.

It should not matter whether Briles is a great coach or a terrible one. Due to a complete lack of awareness, control and swift punishment for those in trouble with the law, Briles needed to go. It is obvious to anybody not connected with the program.

Circling back to Briles and his run at Baylor, he hasn’t been overwhelmingly successful. Despite having some of the best players in the country, the Bears have been a porous defensive team and a group that chokes in big spots. Only once has Baylor reached a major bowl game, the 2014 Fiesta, and it lost to Blake Bortles and the South Florida Knights while allowing 52 points.

The Bears have never sniffed a National Championship Game. Yet folks in Waco are desperate to bring back their head coach, no matter what kind of folks he brings in.

Ultimately, the blame for these accusations of rape fall on the men involved directly, and then Briles. He is recruiting these players and putting them in the community. He along with the rest of his coaching staff are allowing them to stay around, apparently failing to report these horrific details to the proper people.

Briles should not only be removed forever from Baylor, he should be banned from ever coaching another college program. When you bring in monsters and then let them run free, you need to pay the price for your lack of judgement.