Panthers offensive line trolls Michael Oher extension with Blind Side references

CHARLOTTE, NC - AUGUST 22: Michael Oher
CHARLOTTE, NC - AUGUST 22: Michael Oher /

The Panthers signed tackle Michael Oher to an extension, so his fellow offensive linemen in Carolina found the perfect way to troll him in his triumph

After really having a surprisingly sound year with the Carolina Panthers at left tackle as the team went to the Super Bowl out of the NFC, the organization rewarded Michael Oher on Friday morning as they signed the 30-year-old veteran to a three-year contract extension. Rather than simply congratulating him, though, his teammates and fellow offensive linemen found a more troll-worthy way of acknowledging the move.

Most people are familiar with Michael Oher because he was the central figure in the mega-popular The Blind Side book and subsequent movie. So his teammates responded in the only appropriate way: with GIFs from the movie of course.

It started with Panthers center Ryan Kalil, who kicked things off with a top notch GIF effort:

Then Panthers right tackle Mike Remmers congratulated his counterpart on the other side of the line with a hilarious follow-up to Kalil’s effort:

Guard Trai Turner then followed up at the caboose with a celebratory Blind Side tweet with bonus Kathy Bates:

For what it’s worth, though, Michael Oher found the exchange hilarious and chalked it up to just friends being friends:

Credit: Michael Oher (Twitter)
Credit: Michael Oher (Twitter) /

Say what you will about the Panthers and their offensive line, but it’s hard to say that they aren’t in a good place mentally and as teammates when you see absolutely hilarious instances like this. Let’s hope this is just the start of troll-wars in Carolina on the offensive line.

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