WWE Money in the Bank 2016 results: Money in the Bank ladder match full video highlights

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Results and full highlights from the Money in the Bank ladder match at WWE Money in the Bank 2016

The WWE Money in the Bank ladder match really needs no introduction. It’s one of the most unique concepts and exciting matches in all of WWE. With some of the most talented guys in the company like Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, Chris Jericho, and Alberto Del Rio all vying for the briefcase at WWE Money in the Bank 2016, that only added to the fun on Sunday.

Just as you would expect with six of the most talented guys in the company being involved, this match started off with a flurry of fast action and all of the superstars going at one another to try and get any kind of advantage.

However, it was Cesaro who looked quite dominant early, dishing out upper cuts and going wild with dives and reversals on the apron that really made a huge impact:

After Cesaro took the action to the outside, though, Sami Zayn wasted no time at all cleaning house just a bit more with a beautiful dive to the outside over the top rope:

Then came the spot where all six men essentially had a look at trying to climb the ladder to get the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase, but all failed. However, the most spectacular moment came at the end when Cesaro dove off the lader onto the rope and into a corkscrew uppercut on Owens:

Continuing to look like the dominant one in the match, Cesaro locked in a long, good Giant Swing on Del Rio:

Everyone in the match was laid out at this point with the match already visibly taking its toll on everyone involved, everyone trying to put themselves in the best position:

With everyone worn out, Owens tried to take everyone out. He first hit a Frog Splash off the top rope on Ambrose while Dean was laid out on a ladder:

KO then went to take out Zayn, but Sami countered into a big Michinoku Drive onto a sideways ladder in a brutal move:

After some wild set-ups with the ladders, all six men were standing on a ladder in some capacity and all six men were giving their all to try and get an advantage:

After Cesaro and Del Rio stood up another ladder, though, they were sent falling as the ladder was tipped over, effectively taking them out of the match.

Zayn then found himself atop the ladder, but his attempt was thwarted by a scrambling Chris Jericho. Y2J wasn’t left up there long, though, as Ambrose pulled him down and then hit an elevated Dirty Deeds:

Sami was still atop the ladder, but Owens came to life to bring him down and hit a huge Powerbomb onto one of the elevated ladders. That left Owens and Ambrose climbing the ladder and meeting at the top below the briefcase.

Owens then was sent falling down into a ladder, leaving Ambrose all alone with no one stopping him as he took down the briefcase to become Mr. Money in the Bank.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

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