WWE Money in the Bank 2016 results: Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins full video highlights

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Results and full highlights from Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins in the main event of WWE Money in the Bank 2016

To run back the entire history of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns coming into WWE Money in the Bank 2016 would be almost impossible at this point—and it’d also be a bit of running around in circles. All that needs to be said is that they were once brothers and have become mortal enemies while Rollins wants to win the title that he never lost back from Roman. Simple, but effective in creating high drama for the main event of WWE Money in the Bank.

As you’d expect with these two men and their history, they wasted no time going right at one another. They wanted to increase the physicality as quickly as possible and did so by exchanging blows:

However, the power of the champion in Roman Reigns was just too much for Seth in the early going. He was able to get the challenger on his back and keep him there. The only time he really got Seth upright was when he was busy tossing him like a rag doll over the Spanish announce table:

The match moving to the outside actually seemed to work to the benefit of Rollins briefly though. The challenger used his environment to get a bit of an upper hand—for a moment at least.

That went away back in the ring, though, as the power of the champion Reigns again proved to be too much for Rollins in the moment, culminating with a humungous Razor’s Edge:

Again Rollins was looking to get any kind of advantage that he could against his former brother, grasping at straws and anything that would give him any kind of space to operate. He instead was met with a Superman Punch for his troubles:

Making a bit of a mistake, though, Reigns started to work a bit too methodically after he couldn’t get the three-count and that allowed Seth to catch his breath and then catch Roman with a Springboard Knee right to the head. That took Roman down and allowed Rollins to go up high and hit a wicked Frog Splash:

Ever the opportunist, the challenger continued to wear down the champ with each passing move. It looked like he might have Roman put away at one point, though. Reigns got a bit of momentum and tried to go up high, but Seth popped back up and went into a Superplex and then rolled into a monster Falcon Arrow:

The onslaught continued from Seth Rollins as he was merciless—but Roman is the champ for a reason and wouldn’t be kept at bay for long at all and eventually was able to get some space and send Seth reeling on the outside. Again looking to capitalize on any momentum, Reigns went to the floor and tried to Spear Seth into the barricade, but Rollins ducked out of the way:

Doctors checked on Reigns, but Seth was having none of it as he brought him back into the ring and looked for a Pedigree, but he was instead pushed into the ref and hit with a spear.

The stunned ref, though was only good to count slowly and Rollins kicked out. When Reigns arose to try and hit another Spear, Seth was waiting with a crazy counter, countering into a Pedigree:

Somehow, Reigns kicked out of that one, though—but only to set up another Pedigree for Seth to hit and then get the three count and the win:

Winner: Seth Rollins…

But only briefly.

In his celebration, Dean Ambrose ran to the ring to cash-in the briefcase that he won earlier in the night, hitting Rollins in the head after sneaking up on him from behind. He cashed in, hit Dirty Deeds, and pinned Seth one-two-three:

Winner: Dean Ambrose

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