Cavaliers fans party in Cleveland after NBA Finals win (Video)


For the first time in 52 years, fans in Cleveland lit things on fire out of joy and not rage.

There are a lot of things about Cleveland you might not know. Their river is flammable, people there still use pay phones and the city has about two buildings that makes up it’s skyline.

What the city doesn’t have anymore is a losing draught, as the Cavaliers have realized the prophecy that was set forth before them so many years before. Back in 2003, when LeBron James was drafted, the franchise was supposed to finally rise from the ashes. It took 13 years, but that dream has come true.

Cavaliers fans rightfully lost their damn minds after their team claimed its first title in franchise history and returned the first championship to the city in 52 years.

Cleveland deserves this. Say what you will about hating on LeBron James over the course of his career, but the city of Cleveland has suffered so long and so much that it’s hard not to feel good for them right now.

The party is only getting started, because if there’s a town that’s going to savor a championship, that town is Cleveland.

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