NHL Draft: Crying grandpa goes viral after Avalanche draft grandson Tyson Jost


The NHL Draft delivered a heartwarming moment when the Colorado Avalanche took Tyson Jost and his grandfather was overcome with emotion.

One of the best parts of the NHL Draft took place when the Colorado Avalanche made their pick in the first round.

Owning the 10th pick in the first round, Joe Sakic, and the Avalanche selected North Dakota’s Tyson Jost to add to a young group of offensive talent for Patrick Roy’s club.

He is the sixth North Dakota product to be picked in the top 10, joining Jonathan Toews, Jason Herter, Brian Lee, James Patrick and John Marks.

But as cool as that honor is, the real takeaway from this pick was seeing Jost’s grandfather overcome with emotion that he couldn’t stop crying. It was a touching moment that could bring anyone else to tears — unless you’re a robot!

Easily one of the cooler moments of the first round of the NHL Draft. It’s made even more touching when you learn that Jost was raised by a single parent and his grandpa was undoubtedly a big part in shaping his life without his father there to raise him into the man he’s become.

After the moment, Jost spoke with the media and talked about how great it was to have his family on hand for this once in a lifetime moment.

Congratulations to the Jost family. Now, when Tyler signs his rookie contract, he should take his grandpa out for a special dinner and see if he can get the waterworks going again.

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