Fan wearing fedora gets hit in face by foul ball (Video)


A fan wearing a fedora got hit right in the face by a foul ball at the Kansas City Royals game.

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When sitting close to the field at a baseball game, it is best to be aware of the flying objects. There have been tragedies at stadiums and there have been moments where people just flat out miss the play in the stands.

On Monday night, the latter was in play as the Kansas City Royals took on the St. Louis Cardinals. As Salvador Perez fouled a harmless pop-up down the first-base line, fans took to their feet and prepared themselves for a foul ball.

Despite having his arms in the air, one fan tried to use a white fedora straight out of Miami Vice and ended up getting one right in the dome.

Fortunately, this was not a screamer of a hit and the fan would be alright. There is currently no word on if the fedora survived, but hopefully it can pull through in this time of need.

Bring your glove to the ballpark and don’t take your eye off the ball. Maybe don’t use the fedora as a glove.

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