When does NBA free agency 2016 start?

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - MAY 24: Kevin Durant
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - MAY 24: Kevin Durant /

Taking a look at when NBA free agency 2016 will start

NBA free agency is one of the most exciting times of year in the league as with one move a team can either change their fortunes for the better or mistakenly make a move that can change fortunes for the worst. While that may be the case, though, NBA free agency 2016 looks to be even more exciting than normal.

For one, you have some of the biggest names in the league becoming available in NBA free agency 2016. Kevin Durant could be up for grabs while LeBron James could be as well. Moreover, players like Andre Drummond and Harrison Barnes will hit restricted free agency and could make a splash in that regard.

In addition to that and adding to the excitement in a major way, though, is that the salary cap is jumping to a ridiculous high (and will jump even higher next year). This means that plenty of teams that may not have otherwise have had cap room will have a plethora this offseason. Moreover, the contracts are going to be bigger and wilder than they otherwise would be with teams trying to figure out how to use all of this newfound cap space.

With all of this calamity looming, you may be wondering when NBA free agency 2016 will get underway. That question has a two-part answer.

Teams can begin negotiating with players once the 2016-17 season officially begins on July 1. However, players can not officially sign with teams until the moratorium is over on July 7. When that happens, though, everybody would be wise to hold onto their seats.

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