Euro 2016: Streaker interrupts Portugal-Poland extra time (Video)


A fan ruined extra time of the Poland vs. Portugal game in Euro 2016, but thankfully security resolved the issue quickly.

For the first half, Portugal vs. Poland looked like an exciting game – Robert Lewandowski scored inside of two minutes, then 18-year-old wunderkind Renato Sanches responded. But from the second half onwards, Portugal was back to their usual, defensive snooze-fest style of play, which they’ve embraced once they hired former Greece coach Fernando Santos.

It’s no surprise that the fans in the stands were annoyed, with some people booing during dead time. But one fan decided to take action and make Euro 2016 great again by running onto the pitch during extra time:

He wanted to give the fans something to cheer about after they were treated to an hour of boring football, but if he was hoping for a winner, it wouldn’t come as the two teams went to penalties.

Euro 2016 is no stranger to fan interference, as England’s opening game against Russia saw the English supporters get attacked in the stands after the game finished as a 1-1 draw. This is a lot tamer in comparison, but it’s still an idiotic move on the fan’s part. Security should be given lots of credit for handling the situation quickly and efficiently.

If Portugal makes it past this game, it remains to be seen if they actually start to play more exciting, so as to prevent stuff like this from happening again.

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