NBA free agency 2016: Al Horford followed Kevin Durant on Twitter

With buzz about NBA free agency 2016 swirling, Al Horford added to it by following Kevin Durant on Twitter

Plenty of things have fans and people around the NBA already buzzing about NBA free agency 2016. The salary cap jumping up to the point that almost every team in the league has the ability to make major moves this summer is one big thing, but the other quite simply is that there are so many high-caliber players available on the open market. Two of the biggest names up for grabs in NBA free agency 2016 are of course Kevin Durant and Al Horford.

With two players that can have the impact of Durant or Horford no matter where they sign, everything that either player does at this time is going to be dissected in a major, major way.

So either Horford is fully aware of this and is just trolling everyone that he knows is watching or he really needed to talk to Durant in a DM about where they want to room together next year after they join the same team as the Atlanta Hawks center followed Kevin Durant on Twitter.

To be clear, there is roughly a 99 percent chance that this means absolutely nothing and that these players are just messing with one another. However, you have to keep an eye on things like this—especially when Isaiah Thomas does something like follow Horford when the Boston Celtics are reportedly in the running for both KD and Horford:

This is only the beginning of the frenzy and the putting-everyone-under-the-microscope. Everyone buckle up.

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