Dwyane Wade cancels some of his free agency meetings

Dwyane Wade cancels some of his free agency meetings.

Dwyane Wade has canceled free agency meetings with some teams, according to Brian Windhorst. This comes after the Heat offered Wade a two year deal worth $40 million.

The Heat’s handling of Wade’s free agency has generally been considered disrespectful to the 12-time All-Star, who has played his entire career in Miami and helped bring the team three championships

The Heat were reportedly offering Wade only $10 million per year out of the gate. That was mainly due to the Heat trying to save money in case the big free agency catch, Kevin Durant, decided to take his talents to South Beach. Ultimately, however, Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors which he announced in the Players’ Tribune.

With Wade feeling belittled by $10 million per year, he decided to look elsewhere to offer his services. The 13 year veteran has been rumored to have had meetings set up this week with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After Dallas offered long time Maverick, Dirk Nowitzki a 2 year $40 million deal and he accepted, the Heat came to their senses and offered their best player in franchise history to the same deal. Let’s be honest, can we picture Dwyane Wade in another jersey besides a Heat one?

Many believe that the meetings Wade set up with other teams were all a smokescreen and he was just trying to leverage a better contract in Miami. It is now looking like that was certainly the case with Wade canceling some of his free agency meetings after that Heat increased their offer.

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