WWE Draft 2016 results: Is Heath Slater a free agent?


After Tuesday night’s big WWE Draft 2016 on SmackDown Live and WWE Network, superstar Heath Slater appears to be one major TV star who is undrafted.

The 2016 WWE Draft is officially over and after Tuesday night a variety of men’s and women’s wrestlers were drafted to either Raw or SmackDown. However, one superstar was left in the dark, literally, over whether or not he’ll be included on any television show in the near future.

That superstar is Heath Slater, who was undrafted on Tuesday. The member of the Social Outcasts watched as his two stable mates were selected by the RAW brand. He seemed gleeful during a backstage interview with Curtis Axel on the WWE Network. However, that excitement turned to frustration later on.

As the WWE Network’s Draft Center show was ending, Slater was shown seated in a room full of empty chairs. This was supposedly the draft hangout where all the stars waited for their names to be called. Slater never heard his, but it appears he’s taking it in stride. He sent out a tweet well after 11 p.m. ET suggesting that not getting drafted was actually a good thing.

It looks like from here like Slater may still be involved in some antics on television. Possibly he’ll be given the choice to compete in a match here or there to audition for the final spot. Or maybe he will try to bring in an agent to help him negotiate, someone like Paul Heyman or another talented mouthpiece.

It certainly sets up some more intrigue even when the draft has ended. Will Heath Slater ever find a roster spot? Will he be kicked out of the venues he goes to for RAW and/or SmackDown, or will he simply purchase a ticket like the fans and watch from the seats?

If nothing else, Slater can play up that he is the most “outcast” of all the Social Outcasts right now.

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