Pokemon GO now playable at the Rio Olympics

Pokemon Go logo. Photo: Nintendo/Niantic
Pokemon Go logo. Photo: Nintendo/Niantic /

After many Olympic athletes and those in Rio complained, Pokemon GO is now available in Rio and other Central and South American nations.

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Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. Many fans felt left out as the hit game wasn’t available in their country. Now the game can be played in many more countries, and Nintendo announced two more areas of the world where players can “Catch ’em all,” including the country hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Many Olympic athletes took to social media to complain about the lack of Pokemon in the country. It appears that the game’s creators hurt loud and clear about these issues among other bug issues. It was wise for Pokemon GO to be added in these areas. The game has taken a slight tick downwards since the initial hype, so this will add the potential for many new users to download the game.

Pokemon GO has been at the top of download charts throughout the Summer. This news should keep the game among the most popular apps of 2016. Now the athletes and those attending the events can now forget about all the issues in Brazil currently and quickly level up.

Be careful of your surroundings while playing, or else something dangerous may happen or you could find yourself in trouble. This is great news for those in Central and South America waiting to play the most popular mobile app of the summer. Now they can find out exactly what is so special about the game. Likewise, those who have played it in another country can now continue to catch all of their favorite Pokemon in Brazil or another South American nation.

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