Did Yankees force Alex Rodriguez to retire?

Did the Yankees force Alex Rodriguez to retire on Sunday?

The Rio Olympics are in full swing, but the New York Yankees are bogarting all of the weekend attention.

A mystery press conference for this morning was announced last night involving Alex Rodriguez, and we all braced for the worst. But as it turns out, Alex Rodriguez hasn’t been pinched for PED use again and he isn’t storming off into free agency.

Instead, he is gracefully retiring from baseball. Not only that, but he’s staying with the Yankees in an advisory role to hep mentor the next generation of Bombers. That’s incredible to think that his relationship with the team has been repaired that great of an extent.

But let’s not pretend like the team didn’t force him to retire.

Did the Yankees Force Alex Rodriguez to Retire?

Yeah, they did.

It’s not like they forced him to retire in an aggressive way, as there is still a relationship there that will be groomed. But there’s no way to say they didn’t force him to retire by offering up an ultimatum.

Let’s be real about this: the Yankees told A-Rod he was going to be released and to soften the blow negotiated a way for him to retire and remain with the team. This was all about getting out from under the money owed to A-Rod, and it just so happened to be a mutual decision that was amicable and desirable for both parties.

But to say that the Yankees didn’t force Rodriguez to retire is just flat out untrue. If you want to be PC about it, then let’s say the guided him gracefully into the decision to retire.