KHL’s Damir Ryspayev goes on a fighting rampage (Video)


During preseason action, Damir Ryspayev of Barys tried to fight everyone on Kunlun, resulting in the game being called after three minutes.

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The KHL made big strides when they expanded their league to China and brought along HC Kunlun Red Star for the 2016-17 season. However, the team’s introduction to the Russian hockey league was far from ideal, as their preseason match with Barys was called off just three minutes in.

That’s because Damir Ryspayev started an international crisis when he sucker punched a player, then went on a rampage by trying to fight everyone on the other team. The refs tried to hold him back, but to no avail, as Ryspayev eventually made his way over to the bench:

Some may be tempted use this video as an example of why fighting has no place in hockey, but that argument is specious at best. More than anything, this episode proves Damir Ryspayev is a violent idiot, and someone who should be banned from the sport altogether — especially since the KHL is trying to make a good impression on their new expansion team and fanbase. Instead, the league is having to deal with one of the more brutal on-ice donnybrooks in recent memory.

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Imagine, for a moment, this being the first hockey game someone has ever watched. If they come away thinking this is all standard operating procedure, good luck getting them back in the stands for the regular season.