Chance the Rapper featured in new Nike commercial (Video)


Chance the Rapper lent his vocals to a new commercial from Nike featuring the USA Basketball men’s and women’s national basketball teams.

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Whether it be a new original track, a performance at an awards show or just a guest spot on a song, any time Chance the Rapper’s name is associated with a project, it is something worth checking out.

The Chicago native who is known for his love of the mixtape and his city continues to increase in popularity and was recently featured in a new commercial for Nike. The commercial features the USA Basketball men’s and women’s national teams who are currently dominating the competition in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Instead of copying some of the lyrics and taking away from the way they are delivered, check out the video below to get the true sense of the commercial.

Both the men’s and women’s national teams rarely play a close game as of late in the Olympics, but this commercial is sure to draw some emotion toward the squads competing for the right to be deemed the best in the world and bring gold medals back to the U.S.

After what some call an embarrassment for the men’s team in the 2004 bronze medal finish in Athens, this renewed dominance is bringing respect back to the world’s leader in the game of basketball.

The USA men’s team is already 2-0 after dominant performances against both China and Venezuela, while the women are also 2-0 after equally impressive victories over Senegal and Spain. Both teams play Wednesday as the women take on Serbia at 2:30 p.m. ET and the men take on Australia at 6 p.m. ET.

As for Chance the Rapper, he, like the USA Basketball teams, will keep ascending to new heights as the ceiling above them all continues to rise with each passing day.