Julie Foudy: Hope Solo’s comments were ‘classless’


Hope Solo had some harsh comments after the USWNT lost to Sweden in the Olympics and legendary USWNT member Julie Foudy called her out on it.

Just a few hours ago the United States Women’s National Soccer Team was defeated at the hands of Sweden. The quarterfinal match was the first women’s soccer game in Olympic history to reach penalty kicks, which Sweden took full advantage of with a 4-3 win.

U.S. goaltender Hope Solo, who is no stranger to controversy, released some very poignant words following the loss when she said they played a bunch of cowards and the best team didn’t win.

Former USWNT star and current ESPN commentator, Julie Foudy reacted to Solo’s comments in the following clip from ESPN and called Solo’s comments classless. Foudy, a longtime stalwart in midfield for the USWNT did not hold back against the controversial goaltender and illustrated the respect and admiration most USWNT players try to evoke.

It’s easy to understand Hope Solo’s frustration during the moment. The USWNT was a heavy favorite for back-to-back Olympic Gold titles for the first time in Olympic history. It was a shocking defeat, and thus Solo must vent her frustration on the team who just beat her.

This does not excuse Solo’s comments, however, which is exactly the point Foudy was trying to make. There is a big difference between poor sportsmanship and being a classless individual. Solo is teetering towards the later, although I would expect a retraction from Solo in the following few hours or even days.

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This loss will be painful for the USWNT, however, their star goalkeeper rubbed some salt into the wound with her latest controversial comments. Solo’s reputation around the sport and the world has been called into question yet again.