Olympics women’s basketball results: August 11th


2016 Rio Olympics women’s basketball results from all three games that were played on Thursday, August 11

Though USA Basketball are the favorites to win the 2016 Rio Olympics women’s basketball competition, drama can happen without them. With no Team USA game on Thursday, August 11, the hope was that was the case. Indeed it was as there were three games on the docket, all being played in Group A. At least it was if you consider all games being decided by 10 points or less on Day 6 from Rio exciting.

The hoops action started out on Thursday with a matchup between Turkey and Belarus. Both teams had shown a ton of fight in the event leading up to their showdown. However, only one team could try and change their momentum positively on Day 6. Despite a spirited showing from a talented and feisty Belarus squad, Turkey ultimately prevailed. Using a strong finish prior to the final buzzer, they earned the 74-71 victory.

France and Brazil squared off in the second women’s hoops contest of the day. These two teams found themselves in a showdown where the host nation was looking to change their fortune while the French wanted to further prove themselves. In the end, it was the latter narrative that wound up playing out on Thursday. France was just too much for Brazil, particularly defensively, and overwhelmed then. The French used that to earn the 74-64 win.

Finally the last of the six games on the schedule was up, pitting Japan and Australia against one another. The Aussies had looked like potential challengers for the gold to this point. However, Japan had played solidly as well in Rio, meaning there were questions remaining about both teams. There’s no more questions about Australia left after Thursday, though. This squad picked up another big win and are now the first team to get eight points in the preliminary round.