WWE Rumors: NXT Takeover to Australia, New Zealand in December?

Credit: WWE.com
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The latest rumors out of WWE says that there will be an NXT tour culminating in an NXT Takeover live special in Australia and New Zealand in December

WWE has been delivering the goods in regards to in-ring product as of late. But there’s no denying that their NXT brand still consistently delivers the best work in that regard. Especially considering the massively successful NXT Takeover specials, WWE have constructed a brand that’s ready to expand. According to reports, they may very well be expanding to the land down under.

According to reports earlier this week from a Reddit user claiming to have insider information, NXT is coming to Australia and New Zealand for a tour some time in December. In some capacity, that appears to be the case as a promo graphic appeared at a WWE Live show in Auckland, New Zealand. However, now the same user is offering more details on the tour.

Said Reddit user now says that there are four cities confirmed for the WWE NXT tour of the area. There will be visits to Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide in addition to a possible show in Brisbane, Queensland. Additionally, WWE is also going to be holding a Takeover show to end the tour. That rumored live special will be held some time between December 10 and 17.

This development would be enormous for WWE and NXT as it would take this hot brand to new territories. Given how well NXT Takeover: London went over, though, I doubt they’re too worried about the success of a live special in Australia or New Zealand.

These rumors say that WWE should be officially making the announcement of the tour in the next 2-4 weeks. So all we have for now is one Reddit user’s insider rumors about the tour. He’s been right to this point, calling the tour before anyone else, though. Therefore, fans should go ahead and expect NXT Takeover: Down Under—or whatever they’ll call it.