Gamescom 2016: New map Eichenwalde coming to Overwatch


Blizzard is determined to bring new content to Overwatch by introducing new characters and most recently, a brand new map, Eichenwalde.

Blizzard has a large presence at gamescom 2016, and the company has used it to show off a bunch of brief clips of interviews, showing the developers talking about almost all of their games and what’s coming to them. These games include World of WarcraftDiablo III, Hearthstone and their most recent release, Overwatch.

During one of the interviews, they went into detail about how successful the Summer Games addition to Overwatch has been. Since it’s only available for a limited time, players should take advantage of this opportunity and play it as much as possible since it’s not only fun, but there are also certain things to gain from it, such as new skins for characters.

One of the highlights of their announcements for Overwatch is the introduction of a brand new playable map, Eicehnwalde. In the trailer released that shows off the new map, you see that it’s an abandoned village that is the home of Bastion. This also pays homage to one of Bastion’s skins, where you see grass and roots growing out of his armor. Other than that, the map looks like it’ll be fun to play on, like every other map that is included in the game.

With the major success of Overwatch, players everywhere should prepare themselves for even more updates and additions to the game, whether it’s new playable characters or new multiplayer maps to play. Most recently, the newest character that was added to the roster was Ana, who was released in July. Overwatch has a huge variety of characters to choose from, and they’re all unique in their own way, catering to many different types of gamers.

It’s great that they continue to add on more content, and with these original and unique characters and maps, they’ll continue to keep the fans interested.