Neymar does Usain Bolt pose after goal vs Germany


Soccer star Neymar paid tribute to spectator Usain Bolt after scoring a goal against Germany on Saturday.

During Saturday’s Olympics men’s soccer action, Brazilian superstar Neymar decided to pay tribute to a fellow Olympic athlete. The Brazilian soccer star scored an early goal on Germany, then gave a celebration in tribute to Usain Bolt, who was a known spectator in the stands.

Neymar scored the goal in the 27th minute of the men’s gold medal game on Saturday. That gave Brazil the early lead and led to their star player posing in a unique way. Some interpreted it as a dab, while others believed he was saluting Bolt.

The man known as the “fastest human ever timed,” made up his own famous victory pose back in 2008 during the Beijing Games. Bolt’s move is known as “To Di World,” or the “Lightning Bolt,” or simply “Bolting.” It features Bolt arching back in a left-side stance while pointing both hands forward, almost as if participating in an archery event.

According to, the move originated from a Jamaican dancehall move. It first became popular in 2008 which is when Bolt unveiled the move after his 2008 victories. Bolt said it was a pose he came up with since “Michael Jordan has one, I have one now.”

For Brazil, the goal celebration came early and the team later found themselves in a tie game. Germany evened the score at the 59-minute mark behind a Maximilian Meyer goal. Still, the victory pose had the internet talking as Neymar trended on Twitter and photos popped up of his celebration.

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It’s unknown if Bolt’s pose is what Brazilian soccer star Neymar was doing, but it seems likely. That is, unless Neymar happens to be a major fan of the Carolina Panthers. After all, quarterback Cam Newton was also in action Saturday night and dabs from time-to-time in celebratory moments.