Will weather postpone Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race?

Rain is creating havoc at The Last Great Coliseum and it is looking more and more like it could wipe out the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race.

As rain continues to fall at Bristol Motor Speedway this afternoon, there is a sense that tonight’s Sprint Car event could be washed away.  AccuWeather.com has predicted the wet stuff will end giving the track the opportunity to dry things out, however, the forecast also says thunderstorms will hit ahead of the 8:00 p.m. start time.

Even if the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race is started, all the rubber put down from late practices and the Xfinity race last night will be gone including the resin laid down on the lower 18 inches leaving drivers to wonder if they can drive on the lower groove for the 500 lap race.

Most expected the high line to come to them as the race goes on, but with a green track, it will be a challenge from the start not knowing what part of the 0.53-mile course is best. Add to that package changes made by NASCAR since the April event and it could make the race extremely frustrating, not to mention creating numerous accidents.

Rain has been a nemesis all weekend as all three NASCAR series have had to make plans around intermittent showers. While the concrete track generally dries well and there is a possibility the race could start late, NASCAR does not want a postponement because they would have to reschedule to Sunday during the day.

The lineup is set with Carl Edwards, who won the spring race, taking the pole while Denny Hamlin will be alongside him on the front row. However, NASCAR has made changes since the April race and drivers will be facing a number of challenges to go with track conditions.