WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II results: Asuka vs Bayley full video highlights

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Results and full highlights from the NXT Women’s Championship match between Asuka and Bayley at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II

Asuka and Bayley have arguably been two of the most dominant women’s wrestlers in the history of WWE throughout their run in NXT. Bayley dropped her title to the then relatively new Asuka several months ago. However, Bayley had never fully gotten her shot at the title back. That all changed on Saturday night as it was Asuka vs Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II.

There was a great deal of respect and animosity simultaneously between the two women as they both made their way to the ring. Bayley looked bound and determined to make a big impact and get her title back to become the first-ever two-time NXT Women’s Champion. By the same token, though, it looked as if Asuka was only going to give up the belt over her dead body. As such, quite the stage was set in Brooklyn for this titanic clash between phenomenal talents.

The match began as you’d expect with both women feeling each other out once again. However, the NXT Women’s champ earned the upper hand when she landed a knee right in the face of Bayley.

After that bit of a window, the kicks kept coming from Asuka to the woman she took the belt from.

More than just that, Asuka continuously was looking to get the Asuka Lock in place at full force. It’s the move that beat Bayley initially and the champ knew that coming into Brooklyn.

In the end, it was indeed the Asuka Lock that Bayley fell victim too. After powering up and muscling through some more big kicks after a long match, it was too much for Bayley to handle. She was forced to give up, leaving Asuka as still the NXT Women’s Champion.

After the match, Bayley looked to seemingly say her goodbyes to NXT.

Wonderful all around from both of these women. Now the question is when we’ll see Bayley on either RAW or Smackdown.