Twitter explodes after Sasha Banks loses to Charlotte at SummerSlam

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Members of the WWE Universe were none too happy on Twitter after Sasha Banks lost her Women’s Championship to Charlotte at SummerSlam 2016.

On Sunday night, one of the first surprises of the night at the WWE SummerSlam 2016 pay-per-view came early. Sasha Banks was defending her Women’s Championship belt at Barclays Center against former champion Charlotte. Most fans expected that Banks would walk out still the champion.

Sasha seemed well in control late in the contest. She had just kicked out of a finisher from Charlotte. Moments later, Banks countered a move from Charlotte and hit the Bank Statement. It looked like a hard-fought win for the champ, but Charlotte was able to roll Banks over and grab a secure pinfall.

That brought Banks’ reign as champion to a close. It was less than a month that she held the belt and many had considered her a fan favorite. With that in mind, plenty of fans were sounding off on Twitter over the surprising result.

A majority of the fans were not happy at all with the former champion regaining the strap.

Some fans were congratulatory of the new champion, or just praised the work of the two women from the pro wrestling roster for their match.

Other fans from the WWE Universe are trying to come up with a reason for the quick loss of the belt. The theories ranged from Sasha being suspended to possibly injured and unable to compete full time.

Charlotte regained her championship belt with her protege Dana Brooke absent from ringside. That gives Charlotte her second reign as champion and will probably continue her heel push ahead of Nikki Bella’s big return. It may also mean she officially parts ways with Brooke who could even try to challenge her former mentor.

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All of that said, it won’t be surprising to see Sasha back with the championship belt around her waist in the future as she certainly is popular with the fans.