Dwight Howard would love to be in WWE at some point

OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 18: Dwight Howard
OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 18: Dwight Howard /

Dwight Howard would love to take part in some WWE action some day, which might not really surprise anyone

When it comes to the WWE, there are a lot of fans that happen to be celebrities in their own right. Every now and again, those celebrity fans actually get the chance to take part in being a part of the company’s festivities, and Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard might be the next one in line.

We’ve seen Howard make some appearances for WWE from time to time, mainly when he was with the Houston Rockets and the company would make trips down that way for live events. Now, though, it seems he might be getting the itch to get in on the action.

In an interview with TMZ, Howard expressed that he would be more than willing to step into the squared circle one day and mix it up in the ring with someone.

Howard is one of the more polarizing figures in all of the NBA, mainly because of his personality which seems to rub some people the wrong way. While that tends to be a bad thing in the world of the NBA, Howard might fit right into WWE for that reason. When you think about the way that he carries himself, how can you not believe that Vince McMahon could make some money off of him?

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After a short stint with the Rockets for a few years, Howard signed with the Atlanta Hawks this past free agency period. With WWE making a few trips to Atlanta throughout the year, we might wanna be on the lookout for Howard stepping into the ring to see if he can actually hang in there with the best of them.

Who knows, could a battle with Shaq, who will be taking part in WrestleMania 33 against the Big Show, be in the cards?