The Mid-Range Theory Podcast: Jordan, LeBron, and legacy

CHARLOTTE, NC - APRIL 28: LeBron James
CHARLOTTE, NC - APRIL 28: LeBron James /

This month, our FanSided sports media, business, culture, and technology site, The Outside Game, will be rolling out a series of podcasts featuring writers and athletes alike. One of those podcasts will be The Mid-Range Theory, an NBA-focused show hosted by Tommy Dee and Ian Levy. This is Episode 2.

On the second episode of The Mid-Range Theory, FanSided’s Senior NBA editor Ian Levy (@HickoryHigh) and and OG contributor Tommy Dee (@ThomasCDee) cover Lance Stephenson’s enigmatic free agency, what media coverage was like in the Jordan era, and whether Derrick Rose will work in the Big Apple.


What’s the deal with Lance Stephenson? (:20)
Why hasn’t Lance been able to match mental strength with physical strength (3:45)
Insurance policy players with Lance’s talent never seem to work out (6:30)
Lance vs Da’Sean Butler- Revisiting 2010 NBA Draft (7:45)
Revisiting Pacers/ Knicks (8:45)
The Mythology Surrounding the Greatness of Michael Jordan (10:24)
Have Lebron fans on social media intentionally taken greatness from Jordan? (13:00)
The Decision and its impact on Lebron James’ legacy (16:00)
How do you quantify Jordan’s will? (20:00)
What was media coverage like in the Jordan era? (21:00)
Will Derrick Rose work in New York? (25:00)
Rose’s statistics with some Kyrie likenesses *ducks* (28:30)
Why Rose/Jimmy Butler didn’t work (29:30)
Can Rose get anywhere near Russell Westbrook in PER? (32:25)
The ridiculously efficient Chris Paul (35:30)
The PG/SG dynamic. Why Rose/Butler didn’t work but Lowry/Derozan does? (39:28)

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