Teddy Bridgewater: 5 quarterbacks Vikings need to trade for to win Super Bowl

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Why It Makes Sense: Calm down about the National Anthem stuff. Even passive-agressive Minnesota glory-boys will love Kap if he leads the Vikings to the Super Bowl. While he’s struggled over the years, Kaepernick might greatly benefit from having a decent offensive coordinator for once and a running game behind him. He has talent, it just needs to be mined the right way again. This is too mutually beneficial to not happen. Minnesota gets a one-year rental and Kaepernick gets a chance to prove his talent on a Super Bowl contender. Imagine Kap and the read-option with AD in the backfield — whoa. It wouldn’t always work but Kaepernick’s mobility combined with Peterson’s presence would leave defensive fronts scrambling. Besides, the defense carries this team, so the amount of things Kaepernick has to right is minimal. It wouldn’t be 1998 Redux, but damn it’d be fun if it worked. Key on if, though.

Why It Won’t Happen: The anthem stuff has nothing to do with this. Minnesotans and their passive-agressive attitude will soften to him if he wins. Trust me, I’m from there and know the pain of these people. It’s real and not even America can get between these people and a Super Bowl. That being said, Kap in Minnesota might not work because Norv Turner’s offense isn’t built that well for a mobile quarterback. Teddy moves but the schemes aren’t designed for that. Also, good luck asking Alex Boone to block for Kap on Sundays. Love it or not though, Kaepernick instantly makes the Vikings favorites in the NFC North. Sorry, Bartzy.

Proposed Trade: The Niners should be giving Kaepernick to Minnesota, and the Vikings should request San Francisco eat a majority of the money still owed to him. Nothing more than a 6th rounder would be needed to get this done.

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