Aqib Talib trade Rumors: 4 teams who need to make a deal

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The Denver Broncos are reportedly willing to listen trade offers for Aqib Talib, but where would the ideal landing spot be?

We are just days away from the start of the NFL season but the hot stove is burning hotter than it has all offseason long. Sam Bradford was traded to the Vikings, Justin Gilbert was dealt to the Steelers and once prized rookies like Dee Milliner have been released.

Add Aqib Talib to the list of players that could be on the move before the season kicks off on Thursday. The Broncos will be hosting the Panthers, but Talib very well could be wearing a different uniform.

According to ESPN’s Dianna Russini, the Broncos are listening to trade offers for Talib. This That’s not that surprising. Some will try to act like the Broncos are trying to trade the ghost of John Elway. That’s not even close to the case, in fact this might be a great move if Denver can swing it. Talib has proven to be a head case in the past — not just in Denver but Tampa Bay and New England too.

He may be a lot to handle, from beating cab drivers to getting shot at a Dallas nightclub, but he could be worth the risk for the right price. He’s also facing league discipline, which means acquiring him could come at more of a cost than the price paid to trade for him. The only question is where would the best fit for Talib be?

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Why It Makes Sense: On the surface, it works out of pure desperation. The Bills have been ravaged by injuries this offseason and the veterans on defense who aren’t hurt have been cut. Adding Talib would give the defense a much needed boost, both on the field and with attitude. If you want to see Talib at his most unhinged and most undisciplined, send him to Buffalo. He’ll fund the NFL’s yearly budget in about half a season.

Ryan knows how important it is to have a star defensive back, from his days in New York with Darrelle Revis. Tallinn’s best days might be behind him but he still has elite talent that can be tapped into.

Chances It Happens: Given all of the things that have happened to the Bills this offseason, it’s not that unfathomable. The Steelers just flipped spare parts for Justin Gilbert, a far less talented corner with a high ceiling. Buffalo could get this done if they really wanted to — and they should really think about it.

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