Boris Diaw’s selfie game is in peak NBA Finals form

The beginning of September is a cruel month in NBA circles. We’re too far removed from the free-agency craze to explain why the Golden State Warriors will collect 97 victories over the course of an 82-game season. But still too far away from the start of training camps to believe that the monotony of basketball-less life will ever end. Let’s be frank: This time of year sucks for us hoops heads.Thankfully, Boris Diaw is here to help us pass the time and survive, even if only barely.

The Utah Jazz’s Swiss Army knife Instagramed a picture of himself at the Grand Canyon, looking all coy and debonaire:

Wake up in the GRAND CANYON, can't get better than that. #grandcanyon #roadtrip #lowepro #canon

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This visual foments so many different feelz. First and foremost, we’re once again forced to acknowledge that BoBo now plays for the Jazz, not the Spurs. I’ve personally written some version of this truth roughly a bajillion times since he was traded in July, and I’m here to report that my tear ducts aren’t yet empty.

Once you move past the soul-sundering realization that your mental image of Diaw and Gregg Popovich religiously celebrating Wine Down Wednesdays together every week is no longer feasible, it’s easy to appreciate the awesomeness captured here. The view is incredible, Diaw’s face is pensive and perfect, and we now know that he favors modern-day selfies over the traditional use of tripods.

Best of all, if you look closely, you can see that Diaw hasn’t left his Spurs roots behind after all:

The NBA’s regular season tips off in just under 50 days. Keep your eyes locked on Diaw’s Instagram feed until then. You’ll ultimately want to stick your head in an active toaster oven whilst taking a bubble bath much less.