Shaquille O’Neal’s 5 best dunks of NBA career (Video)

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2. Kelvin Cato is posterized

Sometimes one bad moment can define your career. Just ask Bill Buckner or Paula Deen. You could work hard and build towards great success in your field, but, in the end, you’ll always be remembered for that one shining low point.

Kelvin Cato was not known for having a successful NBA career, which makes the next entry on this list all the more painful. (If you still haven’t caught on to the point of this exercise, he was on the receiving end of a thunderous Shaq slam.)

Cato didn’t do anything particularly wrong on April 24, 2008, aside from showing up to play basketball that day. If he hadn’t, Cato wouldn’t have been on the receiving end of what many call the best Shaq dunk ever.

In a playoff game against the Portland Trailblazers, the Big Daddy comes racing down the court, grabs a high lob pass from roughly the free throw line and throws down a wicked one-handed slam on Cato. It is safe to say the ten-year veteran would have been better off admiring the dunk from afar.

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