The Mid-Range Theory: Everything that’s wrong with Russell Westbrook


On Episode 6 of The Mid-Range Theory podcast, Tommy Dee and Ian Levy are joined by Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown to discuss coaching and everything that’s wrong with Russell Westbrook.

FanSided’s Senior NBA editor Ian Levy (@HickoryHigh) and and OG contributor Tommy Dee (@ThomasCDee) were joined by Coach Nick (@BBallBreakdown) of BBallBreakdown to talk about his latest deep dive on Russell Westbrook. Coach Nick took the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard to task for his relative inefficiencies finishing around the basket. The conversation covers Westbrook’s weaknesses, similar players, and how Coach would address the issues potentially holding Westbrook back.

Derrick Rose jump passes are very annoying and how Knicks fans need to be prepared for this bad habit that will present itself as the season goes on.
What causes bad passing habits and how do you fix them? (2:19)
At what point do you say a jump shot is completely broken i.e. Rose, Westbrook (3:29)
Coach Nick explains “The Hop” and how Rose can improve off the ball fundamentally (5:00)
Pace vs. Balance (7:00)
Coach Nick explains what he saw with Westbrook finishing near the rim off drives vs.Synergy stats and how he’d fix it. (8:30)
Ian answers “Is a crazy Westbrook drive more valuable than an open 3 from his teammates” using expected value. (13:00)
Why is Westbrook even considered a point guard to begin with? Are “two-headed” PGs the new trend? (16:30)
How hard is it to get a guard to play off the ball after playing so much off the ball (21:20)
Why Lawson/Harden didn’t work in Houston (25:00)
Developing the perfect PG combo guard (29:30)
Are Hornacek and Terry Stotts conceptualizing the perfect offense for combo guards? (30:25)
What type of coach is perfect for Westbrook in OKC? (32:26)
Thoughts on Fred Hoiberg’s disaster in Chicago (36:10)
Thoughts on Frank Vogel in Orlando (38:47)
Who Coach Nick admires/doesn’t like as college coach in terms of producing pro players (41:57)

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