Allen Robinson celebrates TD with ‘hand up, don’t shoot’ pose (Video)


Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson celebrated a touchdown on Sunday with a Black Lives Matter protest pose.

NFL action us underway for a third week, and for a third week we’re watching football players everywhere become more and more vocal about protesting the atrocities this country is enduring. Specifically, the abuse and oppression of the black community but not only the police but but basically the entire system in America is something that players in the NFL have begun to speak out more and more about.

It started with Colin Kaepernick sitting during the National Anthem in the preseason. That led to there players kneeling with him, or standing and raising a fist in the air. Now the Black Lives Matter movement has made it’s way to end zone celebrations.

After scoring the Jaguars first touchdown of the afternoon, Allen Robinson celebrated not with a twerk or some choreographed dance, but with a Black Lives Matter protest.

It will be dismissed by some, probably the same people who lashed out with venom at Kaepernick for protesting during the National Anthem. Let’s not take this lightly though, as Kaep has given NFL players the confidence to speak out at a quicker rate than they ever have about the social injustices that occur in this country.

Some may say that these player need to know their place and should stick to football, but let’s not give attention to the racists. Just like how we should ignore the shooter of mass shootings, let’s subtract the mouth breathing racists from this situation and focus on what really matters, not the slack-jawed distraction banging his or her head against an empty, freshly licked-clean paint can.

Robinson’s celebration is powerful in that these protests are becoming a natural part of NFL Sunday’s, which is good so long as it brings about more conversation and actual change.