WWE Clash of Champions 2016 results: Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley full video highlights

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The latest WWE Clash of Champions 2016 results for the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley WWE Women’s Championship match with full video highlights.

After losing her WWE Women’s Championship to Charlotte at SummerSlam, Sasha Banks was in the hunt to reclaim the gold. However, this time around she would have to contend with another competitor in order to win the belt. The newest member of the Raw roster, Bayley, was able to get herself into the title picture quickly after being signed as the hottest free agent in the division.

There had been a war of words between all three women in recent weeks on Raw. That even included friends Sasha Banks and Bayley telling one another who would be taking home the championship belt. Of course, Charlotte also was trying her best to get into their heads with her own mind games.

On Sunday night, the three members of the women’s division would battle it out for the Raw Women’s Championship in Indianapolis. As commentator Michael Cole reminded fans, Charlotte held an 11-0 record during her pay-per-view career.

Early on, there were clearly no friendships in this matchup. Bayley and Sasha double clotheslined the champion down but then Sasha knocked Bayley down with a shot. Moments later, Charlotte hit a big neckbreaker to take down Sasha as Dana Brooke cheered on from ringside.

After Bayley got knocked out of the ring, a distracted Sasha Banks got kneed in the back by the champion. From there, Charlotte continued to punish Sasha, doing further damage to her back. Bayley tried to get back in the ring only to be knocked off the apron again.

Later, Sasha mounted a comeback against the champion and nearly hit the Backstabber into a Bank Statement. However, Bayley jumped in with a double crossbody take down on both her opponents. From there, the “Hugger” took control for a bit, but Sasha recovered to set up both Bayley and Charlotte in the corner area for a double knee takedown.

Both of the challengers had quick near falls but each was disrupted. Once again, Bayley and Banks tried to team up but Charlotte recovered in time to fight them off, shoving Bayley to the corner. Moments later, Charlotte was able to set up both her opponents and hit a double moonsault, getting a near fall on each woman.

Chaos erupted later as Sasha put the Bank Statement on Charlotte but Dana Brooke intervened. Sasha would get the hold on again and once again Dana got involved. This time, Sasha kicked Dana away but Bayley had recovered in time to break things up.

The finish came later with Bayley and Charlotte going at it in the ring. Sasha tried to get back in from the apron but Dana grabbed her leg. Eventually, the champion bumped Bayley against the ropes into Sasha sending her off the apron, then kicked Bayley to get the winning pinfall.

Below are all the highlights from Sunday’s pay-per-view match.

The three women put on an entertaining bout with the finish always in question. At moments down the stretch, fans were of the belief that any of the three competitors were about to win. However, the champion once again reigned supreme, making her pay-per-view record and impressive 12-0!

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There’s been rumors of a Sasha Banks vs. Bayley match coming in the future. The finish in this particular pay-per-view contest certainly points towards that, as Sasha will probably blame Bayley for the loss. As for Charlotte, one has to think that eventually Dana Brooke may challenge her for the championship.