The Replay with El and Al: NBA media day and retirements


While many in the NBA were busy this week kicking off the year at Media Day, some decided it was time to hang up the basketball shoes once and for all. This year, the NBA saw the retirement of three of the greats- KG, Tim Duncan, and Kobe. Just this week, Paul Pierce announced that this will be his final season. With all this action around ending careers, we thought it was time to focus on all things retirement.

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We kick it off discussing the merits of The Player’s Tribune as a platform for announcing your retirement, then think a lot about KG’s frequent and arguably low-quality use of Instagram, and finally decide whether we would do a farewell tour like Kobe or just silently dip out like Timmy.

After digging into this year’s retirements, we play a game of “Would You Rather” featuring retired NBA stars. If you’ve always wanted to know whether El would prefer to deliver mail with Karl Malone or go sailing with David Robinson, this is the episode for you!