New Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer (Video)


After days of teasing a new Red Dead game, Rockstar Games finally revealed Red Dead Redemption 2 and there’s a new trailer to go along with it.

It’s time to return to the western setting of the Red Dead universe. Last Sunday, Rockstar Games tweeted out an image that started all the speculation about a new Red Dead game.

Rumors have been floating around for quite some time about a new game being in the works, and with that new image being followed two other images, which ultimately confirmed Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s officially happening.

The last image they tweeted out was on Tuesday, which shows a band of outlaws (seven to be exact) walking together and there’s also a release date, confirming that the game will come out in the fall of 2017. It also said that a new trailer would be dropping on Oct. 20 and now, you can check it out below:

From the trailer, it looks like they’re staying true to what made the first game so great. Red Dead Redemption has a great story, interesting characters, amazing gameplay, such as gun fights and duels, riding horses, and completing a variety of missions, and so on. They seem to be bringing all of that back for the second installment and much more. The one thing that stands out the most are the graphics. A game from Rockstar has never looked so visually stunning.

Another great aspect was the online multiplayer. It was a ton of fun and according to Rockstar’s website, they’re looking to expand on that as well, creating a brand-new online multiplayer experience with the vast and open world. This already has all the tools to be better than the first.

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This sequel has been a long time coming and Rockstar continues to deliver with all of these incredible games. We can’t wait to see other news about Red Dead Redemption 2 and most of all, to play the game.