Twitter reacts to the Nintendo Switch reveal


People have opinions about the Nintendo Switch, and as always, Twitter is a great place to find them.

Admit it: The Nintendo Switch wasn’t exactly what you were expecting.

Yes, there were rumors that the NX, as it was known before the name was officially revealed today, would be some kind of compromise between a straight gaming console, where Nintendo struggled with the Wii U, and a handheld, where it still rules what’s left of that market. But the Switch goes all-in on the concept of a hybrid between the two.

It’s clear that Nintendo couldn’t just make a straight up game box to compete with Sony and Microsoft, and that hasn’t really been the company’s style for years now. Whether the Switch is exactly the right call is something we’ll only learn next year, as the console will arrive in March.

In the meantime, gamers haven’t been shy about giving their first impressions on Twitter, with many of them pretty psyched by what they saw in Nintendo’s preview video for the Switch:

Others were less impressed:

And since this is Twitter we’re talking about, there were also some who just had jokes and/or questions:

Lots more details about the Nintendo Switch are floating around in the wake of the reveal, including some of its specs. While people are sure to weigh in on those as well, let’s all agree on one thing right now: “Joy-Con” is a really bad name for the Switch controller.

That’s not even a hot take. The Switch goes on sale March 2017.