Nintendo Switch presentation confirmed for January


With Nintendo’s new gaming console, Nintendo Switch, revealed last week, the company has confirmed when we’ll hear more about it.

For several months, gaming fans everywhere were wondering when Nintendo would finally reveal some new information on the Nintendo NX. Throughout the year, many rumors and speculation surrounding the console have emerged and we weren’t sure whether to believe them or not.

In a surprise announcement last Wednesday, Nintendo tweeted out an announcement, stating that we would get our first look at the NX on Thursday, which was the day after.

In the form of a three-minute video, Nintendo gave us the first look at the NX, which is known as the Nintendo Switch. The funny thing is almost every rumor about the console actually came true. According to some rumors and mock-ups of the Switch, the console would include detachable controllers, a new controller with a screen, and so on. It’s crazy how accurate this speculation was.

In the new trailer, we saw the Switch and the variety of ways gamers will be able to play the console. There are detachable controllers known as Joy-Cons, which you can attach to an accessory known as the Joy-Con grip. You can also attach them to the screen or use each one independently for co-op play. Lastly, you can simply place it on the Switch dock and play on a TV.

If you haven’t seen the reveal trailer for the Switch, you can check it out below:

You can also check out our full analysis on the Switch, where we break down the new trailer and try to explain what we saw.

Since the reveal, we haven’t heard much of anything about the Switch other than some minor details. But on Wednesday, Nintendo officially confirmed that we’ll be hearing more about the Switch in a live presentation on January 12, 2017.

We aren’t sure what we’ll see during the presentation, but we’re expecting  some in-depth details about the Switch’s specs, more of how it works, some games we’ll play on it, and most importantly, an official release. According to Game Informer, that’s what they’ll be touching on during the presentation.

An announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being a launch title wouldn’t hurt either.

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The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch in March of 2017.